Tent types reviews: 4 season tents for roaming

The tent is the centerpiece of the bivouac; it’s a great sign of freedom, a small portable bubble of comfort. It is also, among all items of technical equipment for the nature of travel, which is difficult to choose.

A 4 season tent, unlike a tent 3-season, is supposed to be used in winter. But in the winter in the North and a forest in winter in our latitudes, temperatures and wind speed, in particular, have nothing to do. On one manufacturer to another, so there are great differences of interpretation of this label, there is still no ISO or other attempts to stamp a 4 season!

Here, in our opinion, a little list of essential or highly desirable criteria should respect a veritable 4-season tent:

  • Good resistance to high winds (80 km / h at least)
  • Some protection against cold (see section on thermal protection)
  • The possibility of using it in the snow (see paragraph on the use in the snow)
  • Good ventilation, otherwise the tent becomes 3 seasons: fall, winter, and spring!
  • A little more space than in a tent three seasons: winter, our hottest equipment is larger, and it is nice to cook or undress in the apse.

In fact, some tents presented here do not fully respect all the criteria since some manufacturers affix the label 4 seasons in their tents when they cannot be used in hot and humid climate for example.

If you never bivouac in winter or beyond the polar circles or in high mountains apart to their greatest strength and therefore durability, you will have little incentive to choose one of the tents tested here: they are significantly more expensive than 3-season tent and have an average weight of one kilogram or just a little more.

Choosing a tent depending on the use we will make

Before choosing your tent there will, of course, know under what conditions it will be used and therefore identify the most important criteria for you. A tent cannot be excellent in all respects, we must always compromise. A comfortable and weatherproof tent will be heavier for example.

By bicycle or kayak, you can emphasize the interior comfort of the tent at the expense of weight, walk in the mountains it will be before all that our tent is light and resistant to wind, for roaming to ski on the choose comfortable, sturdy and well adapted to snow, etc.

The 7 different notes we have given to each model can help choose your tent based on the most important criteria for itself:

  • The quality of its manufacturing and therefore its sustainability
  • Its speed and ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Comfort (indoor tent and apse)
  • Weight and footprint of the tent folded in the bag
  • Its wind resistance
  • Adaptability to snow
  • The quality of its ventilation for warm weather use including

To assess the quality of manufacture of each tent, we have (in addition to other tests) conducted a test of resistance to tearing of the tissues. After each notched two centimeters fabric with scissors, we tried to spread tear exerting a similar force for each tissue. Even without a sophisticated machine, our test was successful since it highlighted the very large differences in tissue resistance. Conclusion: silk nylons ripstop used by Exped, Hilleberg, Lightwave and are almost tear-proof. In contrast polyester fabrics, especially those that are not ripstop tear have very little resistance.

About the price:

We have not voted for price / quality tents tested because they already have a quality rating and the price speaks well alone. Moreover, apart from the Ferrino Emperor and Terra Nova, the quality of manufacturing does not seem to live up to their price; the prices are generally proportional to quality. So think carefully before buying a tent at cheap prize because (if you do not have enough money, look for (best family camping tents for sale) it often last only a few years while a tent of quality can be used 10 or 20 years, sometimes longer: in the end it will be less and less ecological economic …!

Here we present the general table containing all data and measurements. In the magazine (CA30), you will find detailed comments (main qualities and defects of each tent).

List of recommended 4-season tents:

  • EXPED Venus 2 Extrem
  • FERRINO Pumori 2
  • FERRINO Emperor 2
  • FJALLRAVEN Abisko Lightweight 2
  • HELSPORT Fjellheimen Camp 2
  • Hilleberg Kaitum 2
  • Hilleberg Nammatj 2
  • Hilleberg Nallo 2
  • Hilleberg Jannu
  • Hilleberg Allak
  • HUSKY Flame
  • MSR Fury
  • NEMO Alti Storm
  • SIMOND Bionnassay
  • VAUDE Power Odyssee
  • TERRA NOVA Ultra Quasar
Tips for fans of climbing high mountains

Professor John B. West, of the University of California, has studied the effects of lack of oxygen at high altitude and says it is key down to feel shortness of breath. As important as knowing climb it is to know when to go down, even without reaching the top. That’s the best advice for those who are fond of climbing summits, and who argues in his favor is probably the person most knowledgeable about the effects of altitude on the body. Also, you can not go climbing without the best backpacking tent. For newest models, click here: http://www.familytentcenter.com/

John B. West, a professor at the University of California, San Diego (USA), he studied between 1960 and 1961 the effects of lack of oxygen in the Silver Hut expedition commanded by Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man crowned Mount Everest (8,848 meters) in 1953.

In this Zealander also he liked to find the limits of his body under extreme conditions and one way to do that was to become the first to cross Antarctica.

Feats like Hillary interested Professor West, who two decades after Hillary reached the summit of Everest, led the American Medical Research Expedition, which also reach the summit of Everest.

I was fortunate to be part of that expedition to Everest, in which the goal was to understand how people living at sea level can be adapted to the usual heights of the peaks. There we made the first measurements of body function at the top of Everest, “he explains.

What have these measurements what happens to the body when it reaches that point?

The most important thing we wanted to know was how much breathing at extreme altitudes, which is what allows tolerating such low levels of oxygen increases. We note that the rate and depth of breathing is increased up to five times.

What are the risks that lack of oxygen to the body?

There are several diseases that occur at altitude. It is, first, the bad acute mountain, which presents with headaches, nausea and possibly vomiting. It is not unusually severe. However, those that do can be fatal pulmonary edema are the altitude, in which fluid accumulates in the lungs, and brain edema in which fluid accumulates in the brain. In both cases, it is crucial that the climber down as quickly as possible.

What can be done to reduce that risk if one has in mind climb the Aconcagua?

That’s not an overly high mountain, but it is enough for people to develop diseases. Something important is acclimated to a lower altitude before reaching the summit. This is done by going to an intermediate station and stay there for the body gets used.

How long is enough to acclimate?

It varies, but it takes days.

Are there physical signs that allow one know that acclimatized?

Most people when they go to high mountain develop acute mountain evil. If you spend some time there, the condition improves quickly. That is a sign of acclimatization. At the same time, if the person then goes higher and start to feel sick, it is clear that it has not had enough time to acclimatize.

How important is the use of oxygen when pulmonary or cerebral edema develops?

The main problem of the attitude is the lack of oxygen, so if you develop these diseases and has oxygen available to use. Anyway, the most important thing is to descend. Indeed, it is striking how people improve when they reach a lower altitude after having developed the disease at a higher altitude.

Every rescue team should carry oxygen?

Yes, it’s not very hard to do.

Is it something that should also lead climbers?

That depends on the attitude. Some people like climbing a mountain without oxygen because they think that’s a more natural way to do it. And there are many individuals who can climb the Aconcagua without supplemental oxygen. But when one reaches an extreme height as Everest, very few can get to the summit without oxygen.

Even so, and I want to emphasize this, sometimes many people do not realize the importance of air down when needed. They think they can overcome, but that is not reasonable. And that’s when people get into really serious problems and deaths.

Jairo Roa, pulmonologist of Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation, explains that above 3,500 meters must be careful: you have to acclimate and follow the advice of a physician experienced in height.

The pulmonologist said that not enough oxygen because low atmospheric pressure: “Because of the lack of oxygen can occur pulmonary edema heights, in which the size of the pulmonary arteries is reduced, and a portion of the fluid from the blood reaches alveoli. This prevents oxygenated blood. you go down and take oxygen. “

Longboard and the history

It is a sport that is performed similar to a skateboard but on a bigger board. It is practiced on paved streets. It is a phenomenon that advanced strongly worldwide.

The term longboard comes from English and means long boards ?? ?? This sport is done with a board with wheels, bigger than a skateboard and in a different format.

It is a discipline that was born in California, similar to surfing but on áphalt, so, to practice, it is necessary to use a helmet. It is not only used as a means of transport but also to lower slopes.

On the board which is formatted, it offers more stability and moving on it is easier than in a traditional skateboard. Therefore, there is no age limit for this sport and you can play without prior knowledge.
What practice longboard riders are called ?? ?? And they tend to gather in groups to play? The streets downhill, are preferred for longboard by the momentum that gives the slope.

Longboard history, closely linked to skate

There is so much information on the internet about the history of the longboard.

To talk about the history of the longboard, it is very important to note, first, that it is a form of skateboarding; and second, it associates the skateboard with symmetrical axis fixed table and small wheels started to become so popular from the 90. A basic distinction would separate long boards and short boards.
The first version of skateboard called “sidewalk surfing” and was created by young and impatient tired of waiting the surfable waves surfers. The “sidewalk surfing” was a wooden board to which the axes of their skates with the aim of achieving similar to a surfboard feeling stuck, but on the pavement.

It will be in 1959 when they begin to sell the first skateboards, but they will not look anything like the current ones. In addition, they sold for parts. One of the first professional boards was made by Makaha while Gordon & Smith who made the first glass fiber on an longboards for beginners.

The products were too dangerous. The wheels and axles were not good enough and skateboarders suffered a period of stagnation that ended with the discovery of Urethane as the main material of new wheels. Now, it is much safer.

That’s when brands like Independent, Tracker, Gullwing and Bennett started making axles designed especially for skateboarding. This new “boom” or skate boom led to the development of the “first” disciplines, as were the slalom, freestyle or downhill, for example.
However, as Stacy Peralta says in the documentary Dogtownand the Z-Boys: “The skateboard of those days still did not have their own identity.”

In 1975, the Z-Boys made their first appearance. Venice Dogtown skaters who moved in their own personal style are hooligan or a street gang more than a skate- team contests. They are trying to imitate the movements of surfers as Larry Bertlemann and introduced many innovative tricks that never before had been made.
In addition, they were the first to practice this sport in pools which were empty (during a severe drought that occurred at that time), resulting in the mode of “pool skating”. The Z-Boys became hugely famous, especially Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta. Thanks to the success that had the exploits of these guys, the Primeos skate parks in America were created. The first was built in Florida and later it created a new nationwide trend.

The first big separation between surfing and skateboarding was when Tony Alva made the first air in 1977. Later, Alan Gelfandinvented the “ollie” or air without hands. From here, the skateboard is developed on their own. At this point (1980), a new skate recoil occurs: insurance skateparks are too expensive and begin to demolish until they disappear almost everyone. Would follow years with little moments of the heyday of 1983 to 1991 … Finally, from 1993, it has resurfaced thanks to skateboarders like Tony Hawk.

That is, since the 90s, when the tables now call skates already popularize: symmetrical, concave, with smaller wheels and fixed axes and serve mostly to do tricks.

With so many possibilities, the skateboard is evolving in different ways: the carving born, the cruising and downhill, and each type requires a specific table with different characteristics. In fact, the longboard is a type of skateboard and its evolution is linked to these new forms that arise.

In recent years, its popularity has grown a lot and probably because the feeling that the transmit is much more similar to those first skateboards or “Sidewalks” much more faithful to what was the essence, the roots of this wonderful sport.

Buy a longboard: 5 things to know before you take action

With all those facebook groups, Twitter accounts, demo videos, longboarding is sưeeping all over the world. But before becoming an avid fan of this means of transport, there are a few things you should know explained by Ben Aurelian skateboarder inveterate and experienced staff in Snowbeach skateboard store: 5 things to know to choose your longboard.

The idea is not to rob his bank account and make an unnecessary purchase, is to go to the store and ask for advice. Choose longboard alone is already a misstep.

If the design of the board matter (mainly because it is a purely commercial trick), it is important to choose one according to your size for the matter of ease and comfort. Take, therefore, preferably a longboard whose length is at about your hip height.

Then ask yourself what use will be for your board. It is not necessary that all advice from everyone is the same. Because there are people who want to use longboard for transportation and the other wish to take it as a sport.

Equip yourself properly with at least a pair of gloves. Falls can be fairly common. One should also not hesitate to wear knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet.

Well, it is not worth spending 400 euros for a board if you do that for only three months. Make a choice according to your level. As Ben said, Aurelian, “the important thing is that you take your board, you push and that you burst.”


To start with longboarding. But what board you can choose the best? If you start with longboarding you can start with the best cruising unless you already know for sure now that you want to go downhill, freeride or dancing. If you are a beginner who already know exactly what longboard discipline appeals to you the most, you can base the choice for the type of longboard thereon. I myself started cruising along the meadows on my Koastal Cruiser longboard because I did not really know what I’d like most of the longboarding. Now I have some longer longboard I find dancing very cool and I started sliding. To let you make the right choice, I will help you in this article with the choice for a beginner longboard.

Longboard buy as a beginner: How many types of longboards are there?

Are you going to make a long distance? So more than just skating to work? A good longboard for long distances is a board which is low to the ground so that you have less far to fall through your legs, preferably with nice big wheels.

Would you just do the cruising (= short distances) from A to B, then go for a kick tail or pintail board. With this, you can also try some pretty tricks.

Do you like hard racing down? Then downhill boarding is for you. Then you need to find a board with no flex and a shelf on which you have a nice stable condition. Basically, you can downhill on any type of shelf, but that depends on what you prefer. A board with concave ensures that you do not slide off your board.

Want to dance on the board? Then, you can check the size of the board. The larger the space you have on the deck, the more room you have for your feet and the quicker you can change positions and you can relax on the board. Also, kicktail can be useful if you want to practice some tricks, for example, flip tricks (you want to get the board in the air)

Choose bearings for your longboard

The bearings are indispensable on a skateboard. About 8 (2 per wheel) bearings allow driving fast and without much effort. Delicate mechanical part – it is often one of the first items that have to be replaced.

Anatomy of a ball bearing

The bearing is the most complex part of a skateboard.

The outer ring is in contact with the inside of the wheel. It is against its internal the balls from rolling. Within the latter, it is the cage which contains the beads. The inner ring is in contact firstly with the balls inside the bearing and on the other hand with the axis of the other truck.

The beads are thus sandwiched and allow the wheels rotating the bearing assembly.

And to prevent impurities slip between the balls, a sealed system covering the 2 rings. The usual system of skate bearings ZZ is composed of two metal plates.

Finally, the strut is the small cylinder that slides into the wheel between the 2 bearings. The spacer provides better consistency between the bearings, the wheel and the axis of the truck.

Size of a ball

608Z is the most common size for skateboard bearings. This is a core of 8mm, an outer diameter of 22mm and a width of 7mm. These bearings are scalable to any skateboard wheels.

Please note, there may be non-standard sizes and be vigilant to avoid being left with bearings that do not fit into the wheel or on the contrary that will float in the latter.


Materials of a bearing

The most conventional bearings are steel (100C6 rectified alloy chrome steel). Composed of 7 or 8 balls lubricated they are the natural choice because of good quality and cheap. Alas, the heat generated by friction can cause a slight expansion which makes it unusable steel rolling.

The ceramic bearings are harder and smoother which generates much less friction. And of course, the price is higher.

Ii is impossible not to mention when talking ABEC bearings. You should know that the ABEC is a standard that measures the quality of ball bearings rolling in the industry. Consisting of odd numbers from 1 to 11 ranging from the low end to high end, the sides ABEC bearings really have no meaning in the world of skateboarding. Indeed, the stresses on the skateboard bearings have nothing to do with the constraints of a machine tool.

ABEC1 a bearing is a low working range but little solid rolling

A bearing is a choice ABEC3 happening everywhere promoting fastness rapidity

ABEC5 a bearing is a rapid turnover but more fragile

The higher ABEC bearings are more suitable to the speed (longboard) as they are very fragile.

And of course the more ABEC, the higher turnover is expensive.

Brands and buying advice

Aside Bones, which specialize in skate bearings, and a few brands design custom bearings for extreme practices. We can still quote Sector 9 which focuses on bearings for the longboard.

Bearing in their box

Other brands sell mainly packaging, ie the same bearings but in pretty boxes. To choose its working, it is better to rely on the advice of experienced skaters than buying based on price, the ABEC or the beautiful box that goes with it.

Point Kulture: about the bearings, what the ABEC standard? “Annular Bearing Engineer Council” is a US standard that measures the tolerance rating of ball bearings. It includes grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. The higher the score, the faster you drive (roughly)

Our opinion: For your first purchase, opt for brands not too expensive, good quality / price ratio! No need to ruin your first board after 2 runs, 3 attempts to slide! We love brands: Globe for small budget with an excellent price / quality ratio, essentially proposed full package (screws, wheels, bearings, pads, etc…) Also, Flying wheels: a wide range of proposed boards, for about 150 € all inclusive of shapes and graphs for all tastes! Finally, Mindless, Arbor, and many others…

Tip: whatever your level of practice, buy a helmet (about € 25), this could save you: life, some neurons and allow you to ride long!

Legal Tip: the longboard skater (or longboarder) when driving on public roads is a pedestrian. “In the absence of specific regulations, users of wheeled vehicles are, when traveling on public roads, considered as pedestrians.” Respect the rules of the road, pedestrians when you borrow sidewalks and wear a helmet!



Do you want to play longboard?

Well, first of all, this post is for those who want to enter the move of longboards, but know nothing of brands, quality or price. In this article, we will give you all tips about longboard.

I will not go telling the story of how the longboard or anything like that. What you have to know is this:

* Learning to ride a longboard is not at all difficult, when I bought the first longboard, I never had walked in skate or anything, and just as I came out buying.

* If you are saving up to buy a board to start, do not buy the more trout. Skating in a Krown or X mark is not pleasant at all. The tables do not bend, so if you buy one to start, chances are that you do not like and use it anymore. The first table I purchased was Loaded Dervish. What I recommend is to buy something intermission.

* If you go to buy yourself a table, you have to consider the following:

  • Wheels: If the you want to move from here to there, you need a large, soft wheels because of the imperfections and stones of the streets. I suggest wheels of 72 mm in diameter. But if you want to slide (skidding, Christian), I recommend for something that is harder. The hardness is measured in “A”, “soft” are about 79a and 86a and above is harder. I use Orangatang Durian wheels of 75 mm.
  • It is best to buy some bearings that have protective rubber so that no water can come in, and a high ABEC 7 or 9, (the bearings are measured in ABEC, the higher the ABEC, the more turns the ball bearing).
  • Trucks: With trucks, there is not much to say. I recommend the INVEST. Opt for one that has greater angle curve and better stability. The best brands of trucks are Paris, Gullwing, and Randal, the pair costs between $400 and 500, but if you want something more economical about $200 (the important thing is that if an economic truck will come with hard bushing. You can change them by other softer, and so the truck will fold better. A Santa Cruz longboard is also recommended by experts.
  • Deck (table): The best brand of tablets is the Loaded (The best in carving). They offer tables made of bamboo (cane), therefore, they are super flexible and resilient. But another of the best brands (and rather more economical) is 9 Sector (more for downhill (pure speed)), which provide harder tables, and cost $600 or up. There are other good brands on tables as Lab, or Wika, Shaphan, and cost about $300.

What I recommend is that buy one that is in between. I mean a Wika, for example, is enough for a board: good trucks, and large economic wheels and bearings. In that way, you would not spend so much but already have good rulemanes and trucks. And the day after tomorrow, if you want to change the wheels, for example, and the table, they have a table of $10 and thus it hurts less to pocket….

Then there are all safety devices such as helmets, knee pads or gloves (100% needed to slide), but if you want to move around your city is not very necessary.

Now, those who have all the money and do not mind the price, and want to know the best boards, here is a top 5 in my opinion:

5 Instead, the Axis Arbor (good balance), and Downhill Carving, (somewhat flexible and comfortable table), Fourth, the Sector 9 Aperture (has few trucks that are crazy), Gullwing (the sidewinder dual hub). They are very practical and maneuverable boards.

The Original pintail 46 is excellent in downhill, with huge trucks and a good longboard, providing stability despite having a few trucks with the only original spring system. It costs $1900

The Original Apex 37 is the best of the best in carving. It is very flexible and in my opinion, it is the best board for original skateboards. It costs $2400.

The Loaded Dervish is an excellent board both in maneuverability and stability at high speeds, a very flexible and light table, ideal to do everything, slide, carving, downhill, and move. Price: $2200

I hope you like my post! Good luck with the purchase!

Getting started in LONGBOARD

If you want to get started in the longboard, follow the advice of ours. The longboard is a sport whose

materials are very specific to the type that you do, why then the different modalities will be explained:


Short boards are used to dodging cones placed one over another, as quickly as possible. It is a very old

form, almost as much as skateboarding requires a great technical training for proper implementation.

For this type, it requires:

-A shortboard (between 28 ” and 32 ”)

axis-specialized in


-Press to taste skater

(No banana skater team practiced slalom, so we could go wrong with what we have made, but we are



In the cruising, it is nothing but go from one place to another, you catch your longboard and you go

anywhere with him. You can do this using the long as a means of transportation or for fun.

If you want to do the cruising you should:

-The size of the board is going to taste skater (from 30 ” to 50 ”)

-The Traditional axes are axes, such as Paris, Randal, Bear might please …. 180 or 150 mm

-A soft wheel (78a) because as we will not skid, these wheels adhere more to the ground


The carving is to move by turning left and right, pumping on the table. The carving looks like cruising but

is much more relaxed cruising.

For carving you need:

-The size of the table is going to taste skater, but usually, the tables are around 37 ” to 44 ” also can be used that are not

among these measures. These tables have flexo.

-The axes are traditional, such as Paris or Randal 180 mm (which are the most common).

-The wheels also are going to taste skater. soft wheels (78a) can be used to make tight turns, and you

can not fence the table, or may be more or less hard (80th to 84th) if you want skidding little.


The Freeride is a form practiced by us. It is to step down at high speeds and go by slides (skid) either to

slow or for the pleasure of skidding and do the trick. You can also skip some steps or ramps, and much

more. In this mode, it IS VERY IMPORTANT TO TAKE HULL because you can get great speeds and an error

by making a skid can be awful.

For freeride you need:

-A table without flexo, concave, and has stability (from 38 ” to 44 ”. the size can vary).

-The traditional axes: Paris, Randal …. but what change are the gums (bushings) if you want more or less


-The wheels are hard (from 84a is a good choice) because when freeriding some slides are made.


Downhill is the most dangerous form there. It should be prepared and have previous knowledge of

skidding to stop (taking the curve properly before braking to keep from falling. Image we see a drift. This

method takes a HELMET INTEGRAL and if possible.

For this type is needed.

– A table specifies (between 37 ” – 44 ”) called speed board.

– The axes can be varied. From the 50th to the 35th.

– The durometer of the wheels can vary (to taste skater). They can also be wider or narrower.

Tips to play downhill longboard

The decline in longboard should always be done on a hill with no traffic.

Longboarding is a relatively new addition to the list of extreme sports addition. The longboards are like

skateboards but are not designed to perform tricks. They are much faster than skateboards and are

often used as a means of transport. Riding a longboard downhill can be very dangerous if you do not

know what you’re doing.


You must use adequate protection at all times to ensure your safety. A helmet, knee and elbow pads

keep you safe from injury. You can also consider using leather gloves if you need to stop a fall with his

hands. If you try to break a fall at high speed and without the use of leather gloves, you can suffer wear

and cuts on the palms.

Types of longboard

All types of longboards have the ability to go downhill, but the best option is to use a Speedboard. The

speed boards are specifically designed for high speeds and therefore will suffer much less damage when

going downhill. The speed boards are also more comfortable to travel at high speeds, as they are larger

than regular longboards.


You must start with a small hill and then go up to steeper hills when you feel more comfortable at faster

speeds. Your feet should be placed two feet away in the longboard (60 cm) and must use the foot that is

near the back of the plate to begin the ground to gain speed. For maximum speed you should crouch

while driving downhill, allowing your arms behind you glide with the wind.


Stop while you go downhill on a longboard is similar to dwell on a snowboard. When it is on a flat

surface, the plate is rotated abruptly so that it is at a 90-degree angle along and slide to a halt. This will

stop the longboard safely. Be sure to stop when you’re on a flat surface. Stop while you are on a

downward slope could throw off the table onto the floor. Use your hands to stop in an emergency.

How To Choose Skateboarding

Choosing a skateboard good when you’re a new player in sport is not difficult. There are many things that you must take into consideration, besides the cost. You must also consider the complete tables, decks, trucks and wheels, whether you are buying a ready-made skis or get put together your own. Once you understand what makes a good skateboard, you can hit up the skate park in no time. Decide what you will buy. If you want a good board for less money, you’ll want a complete. If you want a better board for more money, you’ll want to make your custom. You can check out some best longboard brands by click here. Remember that selecting custom parts can actually help you save money.

How much money do you want to spend on a deck of a skateboard? Blank floor, floor graphics no below, usually much cheaper to run than a professional flooring and ride just as well. But if you like a deck favorite professional skaters, and you have enough money, go right ahead. If you are going to buy a complete, you will want to buy one from a reputable source. Buying online can help you save money, but first you should try to buy at your local skate shop. Warehouse Skateboards offers a large selection of items skis. That’s all well and good if you know what you want, but what if you are a beginner or a tradition of people who are riding the same set permanently

Choosing a Pre-Assembled Skateboard

If you are a novice athlete and you do not want to build a custom skateboard completes, check our selection of finished before assembly. Warehouse Skateboards provide complete skateboard is built from quality components. Know the basic components of a skateboard is the key to find the table that suits you. That is: skateboard deck (table itself), lorries (metal mounts attached to the wheel), and the wheel. (more…)

Taking a road trip with your baby

Travelling with the baby can be hectic. However, with proper planning you will enjoy the experience. One thing that you need to understand is that the baby needs to be comfortable and safe at all times. This will prevent them from being fussy and getting agitated. It is thus important for you to carry all the necessary items that the baby may need in the trip.

Car travel checklist

In addition to carrying your stroller, ( about travel, Most people recommend the best lightweight stroller 2015 for your baby item because It is easily folded and It can fold like an umbrella) there are other items that you must have.

  • The car seat: before you start the journey, you need to ensure that the baby has a comfortable car seat. There are many different types of car seats that have been developed for you to choose from.
  • Baby’s clothes: it is a known fact that babies tend to make mess on their clothes. You are advised to carry more than one baby clothes for changing. Diapers and bibs are essential items for the baby.
  • Baby’s food: the baby needs to be fed every couple of hours and so it is pivotal for you to buy and prepare baby’s food in advance. You also need to carry drinking water and snacks for them to eat in between meals.
  • Baby’s blanket is also an essential item for you to carry to keep the baby warm.
  • Wet clothes or the wet wipes; these items come in handy when you need to change the baby or when wiping them after feeding.
  • You need to carry empty bags to keep the leftovers.
  • The baby’s toys: you need to carry lightweight toys for your baby to keep them entertained during the journey. You may opt to hang the baby’s toys where they can see them. Still on entertainment, it is advisable to carry baby friendly music.

What to do during the journey

Now that you have carried the required items, it is now time to start the journey. There are some recommended tips that you may consider

  • Be flexible: Well, you have planned for the journey, but you know even the ‘perfect’ plans do have some disruptions. When travelling with the baby you need to be ready for anything on the road. So it is important for you to relax and let things flow. Flexibility also includes you being ready to stop when the need arises. If the baby is crying, this is the cue you need to stop the car. Remember, it can be dangerous to travel with a crying baby as you will be distracted. You will also have to stop to change the diaper and wipe them.
  • You need to keep the baby safe; the baby should at all times be kept securely on the car seat. Many new moms tend to breastfeed the baby while the car is moving. This may be dangerous. You are advised to stop the car and feed your baby before continuing with your journey.
  • While on the road, you should never leave the baby unattended to at any given moment. If you have to go out, take him/her with you.
  • It is not recommended for you to travel at night with the baby. However, if you find yourself in that situation you need to be prepared. It is important to carry a flashlight on the trip for such situations.

To have a successful road trip you need to plan early in advance. You should ensure all that the baby will need during the trip is well catered for. This will keep your baby comfortable and happy.


We always see ourselves holding phones and in front of computers. Taking time to rest is far from our mind when we do our jobs. However, we forget that our health is essential to enjoy the fruits of our works. Finding spare time to rest and exercise will do the trick.

Mountain biking kills these two birds with one stone. It requires you to be away from your desk and allows your mind and body free from the stress of your responsibilities. It also provides you the opportunity to get fit and be healthy. Before you think what are the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars for you to start this hobby, you should know first how to mountain bike.

What is mountain biking? 

Mountain biking is a sports of cycling through off-road surfaces. Moreover, a special kind of bicycle is used on this activity. Mountain bikes (or bicycles) are built to be ridden on unpaved environment. This entails suspension on frame and fork, knobby tires, lower gear ratios and more durable wheels.

Beginning the Lesson

Basic Steps How to Mountain Bike


  • Choose the appropriate bike

Since you’re just getting started, borrowing one is more practical in studying this kind of biking. After you get the hang of it, it is the time to buy your own. You can find some helpful tips to buy different kinds of mountain bike at Recreation Space.

Borrowing or getting your own, find the one matching your height and body type. Make sure also that your legs can reach the pedals of the bike. There are many types of mountain bikes you can choose from, a visit to your friend who is expert with bikes or shops in your area will be a great help. (more…)

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